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AS OF 1 MARCH 2024

Growing Together

Since 2008, Apax has offered portfolio company executives access to a unique group of business specialists with decades of operating experience in mission critical areas. We aim to inspire teams to identify effective new solutions that help their business excel.

On Demand

The Operational Excellence Team is available to rapidly engage, on the ground, wherever needed. The goal is understanding ‘what is’ to rapidly help assess ‘what can be’. Then select specialists can work with you to deliver transformational change.


We offer execution rather than simply advice. We roll up our sleeves and “get in the boat”. Our specialists may very likely have tackled challenges similar to yours many times before. That experience also helps foresee hidden risk, adding valuable perspective. We work collaboratively, as an extension of - and fully aligned with - your team. Our success is defined by you achieving your stated goals.


We do not start with a “playbook”. Plans always are customised to work best for your business. The goal is to offer support and different ways of thinking, while adapting prior successful solution designs to enhance speed and certainty in delivery.


Apax fosters access to the experience of our family of connected companies. Your leadership can benefit from insights and best practices, along with the opportunity to forge cross-portfolio partnerships within our own extensive global network.

Areas of Expertise

Led by Seth Brody, Global Head of the Operational Excellence Practice, the value creation platform is powered by four functional expertise areas which drive transformation and impact in the Apax Funds’ portfolio.

Digital Acceleration, Demand Generation, Data Science

Technology, Cyber, Cloud

Enterprise Transformation & Margin Expansion

Impact & Inclusion



Digital Acceleration, Demand Generation, Data Science

Partnering with stakeholders on: Digital customer acquisition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Sales & Go-to-Market Strategy, Ecommerce, Data architecture & strategy, Data science, AI & Machine Learning, Digital Competitive Intelligence, CRM / Revenue Ops

Technology, Cyber, Cloud

Partnering with stakeholders on: Cloud enablement, Product development, Software development, Cybersecurity, Back-office technologies, Tech integration, UX/UI/Design, Tech Diligence, Supply Chain Tech, Program Management

Enterprise Transformation

Partnering with stakeholders on: Carve-outs, Merger integration, Procurement, Cost programs, Vendor management, Operational finance, Cash & Working Capital, Automation / RPA, Pricing Strategy, Logistics and Freight, Supply Chain

Impact & Human Capital

Partnering with stakeholders on: Management assessment, Team Alignment, Sustainability programs, Carbon measurement, Carbon reduction, Impact measurement, ESG reporting, Inclusion & Diversity

Proprietary Technology Platforms

We have developed several proprietary analytical tools that enable us to unleash the power of data to drive unique insights. These tools provide a critical competitive advantage for Apax and the companies we work with, unlocking angles for operational impact and accelerated performance.

Apax Digital Insights

Apax Spend Insights

The power of the Apax Executive community

The power of the Apax network is immense: the portfolio employs more than 100,000 people around the globe and conducts business in all major markets. We harness this collective experience throughout the year, including through our centrepiece annual KnowledgeNow event.

KnowledgeNow brings together CEOs, CFOs and senior executives within the portfolio to share insights and best practices and to discuss the common challenges businesses face. Through this multi-day immersion, relationships are formed, ideas are reinforced or challenged, and cross-portfolio partnerships are established.