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Nathan Feder

Vice President, CRM and Retention Marketing


Nathan Feder joined the Operational Excellence Group in 2021. He is a Vice President focused on Customer Marketing and Marketing Technology.

Prior to joining Apax, Nathan was Vice President of Customer Marketing and Operations for Shutterstock, a global provider of stock content. He also worked as a Product Manager at BounceX in New York.

Nathan holds an HBA from the University of Toronto.

Living our values

Working in the start-up world allowed me to see what was possible by simply keeping an open mind. Being able to always look at problems from a perspective that “my way” may not be the “best way” has allowed me to constantly improve both myself and the outcomes I’m able to drive. The Apax value of “we learn, adapt and grow” resonates strongly with me, both inside and outside of the office.


New York

Nathan's Story

Nathan was taught from an early age that it’s important to understand “the why behind the what”. He reflects on this statement quite a lot, particularly during in his own decision-making process. He asks himself questions to understand why he truly wants to do what he thinks he wants to do. If coming to Apax was “the what” for him, then “the why” is because Apax “chooses right over easy”.