Apax Credit

8 yrs

Credit investing experience


Target sectors

$ 1 bn +


As at 31 December 2023

The Apax Credit strategy was born out of the firm’s experience and strong track record advising the London listed Apax Global Alpha (AGA) on its credit investments. Since 2021, and in addition to AGA, Apax Credit is also advising a dedicated private credit fund. 

The Apax Credit strategy is a natural extension of, and synergistic with, Apax’s private equity strategies. Like the Apax Private Equity Funds, the Apax Credit Fund focuses on investments in four core sectors: Tech, Services, Healthcare and Internet/Consumer, and within each they identify attractive sub-sectors where they can offer differentiated propositions to companies, their management teams, and wider stakeholders.

The Apax Credit strategy benefits from a flexible mandate, allowing the team to focus on the credit solutions that offer the best fit in each case. The Apax Credit fund invests across the capital structure with a particular focus on second lien loans, PIK and Preferred Equity instruments, as well as debt plus warrant and convertible instruments in both private and public companies.

The Apax Credit team works alongside management teams, private equity sponsors, and founders to tailor the credit offering to maximise value.

Apax Credit shares insights with Apax’s other strategies to drive differentiated deal sourcing and due diligence perspectives. The investment process involves a focus on sourcing through multiple channels, and high touch diligence upfront to underpin a long-term mindset once the Funds have invested.


Why Apax Credit?

Flexible Credit Solutions

Flexible mandate to invest in credit
Ability to invest across capital structure

Subsector specialisation

Leveraging Apax’s sector expertise
Sub-sector approach for credit investments
Specialised insight

Partnership Mindset

Geared towards long term relationships
Sub-sector knowledge drives long term investment mindset