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As at 31 December 2023


The shopping habits and media consumption patterns of people around the world are, once again, going through a period of tremendous, technology-enabled change. This degree of change is not unprecedented but is as profound as the advent of department stores in the 1920s or of television in the 1950s. And like those earlier dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour, this period of change affords great opportunity for those businesses that navigate it well, and great risk for those that do not. The goal of the Internet/Consumer team is to support management teams and businesses achieve the former and avoid the latter.

The Apax Funds have invested in the consumer, retail, and media industries for many decades, and in the past ten years has catalysed, in partnership with world-class management teams, the successful digital transformation of many businesses, pivoting towards investments in digital-first companies and away from traditional bricks and mortar. The experience of the team, together with its network of world-class executives and NEDs, and the in-house operating capabilities of the Apax OEP, position the Internet/Consumer team ideally to be the partner of choice for businesses and management teams facing the challenges and opportunities of digital disruption.

Internet/Consumer Sub-sectors

Online Marketplaces

The Apax Funds have a strong track record in investing in online marketplaces globally: across North America, Europe and Australasia

Watch this video to find out more about how the Apax Funds partner with leading Online Marketplaces.


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)


Backing companies benefiting from the shift from offline to online.

Consumer Services

Identifying businesses with differentiated and attractive customer propositions and helping them grow.

Internet/Consumer Insights

Trade Me: Video Case Study

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Accelerating growth in one of the world’s leading consumer trend forecasters – Mark Sykes explores the Apax Funds’ investment in WGSN

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