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Will Copeland

Senior Associate


Will Copeland is a Senior Associate. He joined Apax in 2022 and is currently based in New York.

Prior to joining Apax, Will served as SVP, Finance & Growth at HIVE Diversity. Prior to that, Will was an Analyst in the TMT Investment Banking Group at Credit Suisse.

Will holds a BSM in Finance and BS in Economics from Tulane University.

Living our values

The Apax value that resonates with me most is also the one that’s challenged me the most. Early in my career I struggled with the balance between speed and accuracy. Patience has never been my strong suit; while I wasn’t necessarily choosing easy over right, I was choosing speed over right. I quickly learned that quality work takes time. I refocused on developing a meticulous attention to detail and a devotion to finding the right answer, rather than the easy one. Today I pride myself on doing what’s right, whether at work or in my personal life, especially when it’s not easy.


New York

Will's Story

Will is energized by taking on new problems and breaking them down to understand all the moving pieces. His love of logic puzzles has colored his approach to investing and he enjoys analyzing businesses from a quantitative lens. Will joined Apax to work alongside thoughtful and inquisitive team members, who challenge him to look at problems from unique perspectives and inspire him to continuously learn and grow.