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Dave Eckley

Senior Advisor, Logistics and Operations


Dave is an Operating Advisor in the Operational Excellence team.  He joined Apax in 2018 and is currently based in the USA. His Apax experience includes being CEO of a portfolio company and assisting Moda Operandi, Tosca and Azelis on IT, Operations and Logistics projects.

Prior to joining Apax, Dave was CEO and co-founder of TradeGlobal, a large-scale eCommerce support services business for retail fashion and footwear brands providing eComm platform, digital marketing, enterprise systems, customer care, distribution and logistics globally.

Dave has a BS in Management Information Systems from Peru State College.

Living our values

"It was 2009 and I was COO/President and co-founder of TradeGlobal, To spur our growth we partnered with Apax as they invested in our company and our future. About 18 months into our journey as partners, due to factors outside of our control, we faced a very difficult decision that had the potential to take down our company foreever. The easy way for Apax would have led us down that path but Mitch, Seth and all involved at Apax truly lived their values and made the tough call and did the right thing. As a result of living their core values, Tradeglobal not only survived but grew and expanded globally and had an extremely successful exit. The business was ultimately sold to a strategic partner in 2016 after an amazing seventeen-year run. I know first hand, perhaps better than anyone, what it means when we say "together we choose right over easy, everyday!"

Contact information

+1 212 753 6300

Dave's Story

Dave has the unique experience of being both a co-founder of an Apax portfolio company and as a portfolio CEO. After a very short try at retirement and a lifelong pursuit of golf greatness (never to be had), Dave was asked by Seth to assist with diligence on a potential acquisition that ultimately came to fruition. During the process Dave was offered an advisory role with the OEP. The decision was an easy one as everyone he had encountered at Apax were not only people of integrity, but truly fun, hardworking, caring and authentic people. After owning his own company for so many years he thought it might be hard to "go to work for someone" but with Apax it felt like "coming home".