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Joseph Troy

Senior Advisor, Operational Finance


Joe is a Senior Advisor in the OEP team focusing on operational finance. He joined Apax in July 2023 and is currently based in Tampa Florida, US.

His Apax deal experience includes being CFO and CEO of two Apax portfolio companies Quality Distribution and Boasso Global, respectively. Joe was most recently CEO of Boasso Global, a multi-national services and logistics business, and led Apax’s exit in November 2022.

He previously held public and private company CFO roles during his tenure at several Tampa-based entities, with varied industry experience in logistics, services, manufacturing, mining, construction and financial services. He also has extensive buy and sell side M&A experience.

Joe holds a BA and MBA in Finance from Loyola University Maryland.


Joe Troy currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Boasso Global and is a board member of NovaData Solutions, LLC. He previously served on the boards of Quality Distribution (private), Cellu Tissue Holdings (public) and Fisher Communications (public).

Living our values

“My grandfather has always been my inspiration. He came to New York from Italy in the 1920’s as a young man. He had a 3rd grade education, no money, did not speak English and faced a looming depression. As an immigrant he faced daunting odds and had to be tenacious to survive. But through that struggle he gained the insight needed to start a landscaping business and raise a family. So the Apax value of impact through insight and tenacity truly rings loudly with me.”


New York

Joseph's Story

Joe has worked for several PE firms during his career, but his Apax experience was different. He found the people at Apax to be smart, personable and driven, but more importantly it was the Apax culture that stood out; consistently transparent, no hidden agendas and always erring on the side of “right”. It was this ethical and centered foundation within Apax that made Joe’s decision to join the firm an easy one.