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Sharat Chelluboina

Chief Data Architect


Sharat Chelluboina is the Chief Data Architect within the Operational Excellence Practice at Apax based out of the New York office. He joined Apax in 2021.

He has a wealth of experience in the design and implementation of robust enterprise-wide data solutions, encompassing a wide spectrum that includes Data Governance, Data Architecture, and Analytics. Throughout his career, Sharat has held various leadership positions in the realm of data management. Notably, he served as the Director of Enterprise Data at GE Capital, assumed the role of Director of Analytics at MeZocliq, implemented one of the first Genomic Data Warehouses for MIT, and spearheaded numerous enterprise data initiatives at Citco Fund Services, one of the largest fund administrators in the industry.

Sharat holds a Masters degree in Risk Management from the Stern School of Business at New York University, complemented by a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Pune University.

Living our values

"The mantra "We Have Impact Through Insight and Tenacity" reflects not only a powerful philosophy but also serves as a profound reflection of my father's remarkable life journey. Faced with adversity from a tender age, he embodied this principle through his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of knowledge and success. Orphaned at a young age, my father's path was far from easy. He had to toil during the day to make ends meet, all while dedicating his nights to education. Against all odds, he became the very first individual in our village to earn a college degree. But his journey did not end within the confines of civil service. My father's tenacious spirit and insightful decision-making led him to venture into entrepreneurship, where he founded a successful business. This enduring principle, evident in both his personal and professional life, has profoundly influenced my own path. It continues to inspire me to persevere, make a meaningful impact, and embrace the route to success through a combination of insightful choices and unwavering determination."


New York

Sharat's Story

A continuous pursuit of learning and a deep appreciation for the expertise of others have been guiding principles throughout my journey. I've always sought to broaden my horizons by absorbing knowledge and skills from individuals who excel in their respective domains. It was this passion for learning and the allure of collaborating with experts that drew me to Apax. The prospect of being part of a team with diverse backgrounds and knowledge excited me immensely. With my extensive background in data management and a strong belief in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, I am confident that, together with the experts at Apax, we can embark on a journey to create something truly remarkable.