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Marty Guinoo

Operating Partner, Enterprise Practice Lead


Marty Guinoo is an Operating Partner in the OEP team.  He joined Apax Partners in 2016 and is currently based in New York.  

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Marty had over 10 years of experience running and selling assets for private equity.  During that time he was the CEO of Sentient Jet and President of Icon Parking.  Before entering private equity Marty worked at Priceline.com and Starwood Hotels.

Marty holds a BA from Harvard College.


Marty serves on the board of Attenti.

Living our values

"It's true you know, your entire life can flash in front of you in the blink of an eye. I was twelve and had just been hit by a car. Along with the chaos and fear of the operating room came clarity of what I believed in and what was important. More than anything I wanted another day and a chance to be better. Our value to learn and grow is deeply personal as every day I strive to stay true to that moment."

Contact information

+1 212 753 6300


New York

Marty's Story

The invisible thread connecting Marty's career is that former colleagues have pulled him in for every role he's had.  It's important for him to work with people he trusts and at companies that do things the right way.  So when Seth and Mitch reached out about joining Apax to help companies grow he knew it would be a good fit.  What's made it a great fit has been the people.  It’s a team that's made up of high integrity people that consistently live up to the Apax values.