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Michaela Merlin-Jones

Vice President, Vendor Optimization


Michaela Merlin-Jones is a Vice President in the Operational Excellence team.  She joined Apax Partners in 2019 and is currently based in the UK.

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Michaela was a Senior Manager at Efficio, a specialist Procurement consultancy, where she worked for over five years, leading strategic sourcing and procurement transformation initiatives in support of clients from a wide range of industries. She also previously worked as a consultant at Deloitte within the UK Operations practice.

Michaela holds an MA in Management with French and German from the University of Cambridge. 

Living our values

"I most identify with the Apax value of "choose right over easy" because it is not just a motto for work, but a motto for life. We need to push ourselves to deliver the best results for the funds' portfolio companies and, while the easy route is often tempting, it rarely delivers the optimal outcome. After undertaking tough challenges to attain the "right" outcome, it is a great feeling to be able to turn around, reflect and see how far you have come."

Contact information

+44 20 7872 6300



Michaela's Story

Michaela joined Apax with over 9 years’ experience in specialist operational consultancy.  She is excited by the opportunity Apax affords to support multiple portfolio companies in delivering against their growth agendas. Michaela enjoys working across different sectors and geographies, especially those giving her the chance to practise her French and German. When not in the office, Michaela indulges her passion for golf and enjoys telling anecdotes about winning back the Oxbridge ladies' golf trophy for Cambridge University.