Fang Fang

Head of Data Science


Fang Fang is the Head of Data Science in the Operational Excellence Practice. She joined Apax Partners in 2021 and is currently based in the London Office. 

Prior to joining Apax, Fang was the Director and Head of Data and Analytics in Platform Design at meZocliQ, a New York based start-up company building cloud based low-code, no-code enterprise management platform, with special focus in financial industries and financial modelling. There, Fang was deeply involved in not only data science and analytical modelling but also the upstream data architecture and engineering aspects of the design, which give her a holistic experience in the lifecycle of data science. 

Fang graduated from Yale University with a PhD in Engineering and Applied Science. She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University.  

Living our values

"From my early PhD research to my later years in industry, my passion for data, pattern recognition, and model scaling has fuelled my career. In the ever-evolving realms of data science and AI, I live the cycle of 'Learn, Adapt, and Grow'. I'm exhilarated by each invention yet grounded by my advisor's wisdom: explaining the model is paramount and the key to real-life application. Therefore, the philosophy, 'We choose right over easy', resonates deeply with me, capturing both my professional journey and my enthusiastic commitment."



Fang's Story

Fang enjoys problem-solving, guided by entrepreneurial vision. She loves weaving together fragments of information to uncover insights and drive positive change. Drawn to Apax by the endless challenges and opportunities to work across diverse industries within the Operational Excellence Practice, she finds satisfaction and purpose. Working alongside talented colleagues, each an expert in their field, she embraces both the complexity and the potential for growth and innovation.