Nick Iozzo

Senior Advisor, Product Development


Nick Iozzo has over 20 years’ experience in user experience and product management of digital assets. His specialty is in design ideation and strategy workshop facilitation.

Prior to advising Apax, he established and led the user experience practice for three digital consulting startups. Early in his career he designed the first marketing and e-commerce websites for Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret, Fisher Scientific, GSK, and a handful of internet pure plays. Prior to joining Apax he designed complex transactional systems for Bloomberg, Chase Manhattan, Nextag, Orbitz, Siemens, and Verisign.

Based in the US, Nick is a Senior Advisor and provides assistance to the Apax Funds' portfolio companies looking for help in managing disruptive technologies, improving the usability of their products, or helping them bring design thinking to their product management process.

Living our values

“I had an opportunity to work with Apax before joining full time. Prior to that, I would not have imagined myself working at a PE firm. But it was experiencing Apax in action and seeing individuals work as “one global team” that attracted me.  At Apax I have always felt it was about the mission and not the egos.”

Contact information

+1 212 753 6300

Nick's Story

Nick has always been fascinated about designing and building. This fascination drew him into a degree program which combined Software Engineering, Cognitive Psychology and system design. While at the University, he stumbled upon the beta version of Mosaic, the first web browser. Since then, he has helped companies figure out how to strategically leverage Internet technologies.  As part of the OEP team at Apax, he is kept energised and motivated by the opportunities to learn and partner with a wide range of businesses in the portfolio.