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Ishan Gammampila

Principal, Chief Data and Analytics Officer


Ishan Gammampila is the Chief Data and Analytics Officer in the Operational Excellence Practice. He joined Apax Partners in 2021 and is currently based in New York.

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Ishan co-founded Beacon Data where he led a team of data engineers and scientists that helped companies solve business problems through advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. His expertise includes strategic consulting and execution in the areas of system architecture, data engineering, predictive modelling, and other advanced approaches to data science.

Ishan holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from Columbia University and a BSc in Production Engineering from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka.

Living our values

"Growing up, I wasn't the smartest or the most talented kid in the classroom. While many peers had clear paths, I grappled with the uncertainty of my own direction. However, this very lack of clarity became my strength. It ignited a relentless curiosity within me, compelling me to explore and constantly absorb new knowledge. This unique journey fostered a resilience and adaptability that became foundational to my growth. Today, as I reflect on my path, it is evident that the value of "we learn, adapt, and grow" is deeply intertwined with my story."


New York

Ishan's Story

Drawn to Apax by the allure of working alongside visionary founders and adept deal teams, Ishan is passionate about transforming business ideas into reality through data. A fervent problem-solver at heart, he thrives on not just resolving operational issues, but also unveiling the untapped value of data in innovative ways. As AI continues to evolve, Ishan finds himself invigorated by the endless transformative possibilities it offers. He relishes his role as the operational glue, constantly optimizing processes to drive value.