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The Apax Tech & Telco team has backed companies on both sides of the Atlantic from the very first days of the venture capital industry.  Today, the Apax team focuses solely on buyouts and larger growth investments, with a unique sector-focused capability. This expertise has led to a number of buyout investments having been made 'ahead of the curve', or in non-obvious areas. 

The team comes from a variety of backgrounds across industry, consultancy and banking and each member specialises in different niche sub-sectors.  This pool of industry knowledge can be rapidly deployed across Apax Partners' global platform according to the needs of the specific investment.  The team has advised Apax Funds on more than €5.7 billion(1) of investments. Past and current investments include: Global Logic, Orange Switzerland, Sophos, TDC, Intelsat, Inmarsat, Epicor, iGate, TIVIT and Paradigm.

(1) Since buyout inception

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Our Digital practice leverages the Firm’s differentiated skill-set and operational experience in this area and represents a team of specialists with over fifty years of collective experience investing in, building, optimising, managing and growing digital businesses.

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