Wil Hagen



Wil is an Associate on the Apax Digital team. He joined Apax in 2022 and is currently based in New York.

Prior to joining Apax, Wil was a member of BlackRock's Private Equity Partners team in New York, where he worked on growth equity investments with a sector focus in technology and tech-enabled businesses.

Wil holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Living our values

"I connect with Apax’s value in choosing right over easy and try to incorporate it into my daily socializing habits. Every person is molded by his or her experiences and surroundings throughout life. I feel fortunate to have been instilled values of compassion and humility at an early age by my parents. It is easy to think those with accolades or awards are superior to those without - my view is that everyone is equally skilled. Every 50-year-old has spent ~18,250 days on earth and they have all decided to spend that time differently. These decisions lead us all down unique paths of equal distance. I believe it is important to treat every conversation with this in mind, whether it is with the janitor or CEO."


New York

Wil's Story

Wil's passion for technological innovation blossomed in high school when he created an iPhone app aimed at disrupting the concussion testing space. Coupled with his interest in growth-oriented investing, Apax Digital was a natural fit. At Apax Digital, Wil focuses on the real-world application of tech-enabled disruption, helping companies scale cutting-edge software.