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A thoughtful approach to growth

Drawing on our roots in venture capital and decades of experience in private equity, Apax has over time expanded and developed adjacent strategies that enhance the capabilities of the firm as a whole.

Apax Digital Growth was born out of our tech team’s experience and the firm’s focus on digital; Apax Global Impact builds on Apax’s longstanding commitment to ESG and impact; and Apax Credit draws on the team’s experience advising Apax Global Alpha, the firm’s listed private equity strategy, on investments in debt and listed equity.

Each strategy follows a unique path but shares core principles. They all focus on target areas of expertise; they benefit from the power of the global platform and shared values; and where relevant, they leverage the Operational Excellence Practice’s deep operating capabilities to improve outcomes and enhance growth across the portfolio.



Empowering Potential

Apax Global Buyout creates value by supporting meaningful change. We want to inspire ideas that allow portfolio company management teams to achieve transformative growth. The Funds look for buyout opportunities in four key sectors: Tech, Services, Healthcare and Internet/Consumer.

Apax Global Buyout

Activating Technology Leaders

Apax Digital Growth partners with exceptional entrepreneurs to accelerate their path to scale and build better businesses. The Fund looks for minority equity and growth buyout opportunities in companies in software, internet and tech

Apax Digital Growth

Leveraging Local Expertise

Apax Mid-Market Israel leverages Apax’s global network and expertise to support growth opportunities in Israel. The AMI Opportunities Fund targets mid-market businesses across Apax’s four core sectors.

Apax Mid-Market Israel

Driving Impact Outcomes

Apax Global Impact closely aligns with Apax’s sector-driven strategy, seeking out opportunities to support companies which deliver tangible societal and/or environmental impact.

Apax Global Impact

Investing across the capital structure

The Apax Credit strategy benefits from a flexible mandate and is fully integrated with the global Apax platform, leveraging insights from Apax’s private equity strategies.

Apax Credit

Listed Access to Apax Funds

The team leverages the global investment experience of Apax to advise Apax Global Alpha on its investments in the Apax Funds and its direct investments in debt and listed equity. Apax Global Alpha Limited is a publicly traded fund (LSE:APAX), providing shareholders with unique access to a diversified portfolio of private equity across four core sectors, as well as a focused portfolio of debt and equity investments.