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Steven Dyson



Steven is a Partner in the Healthcare team. He joined the Firm in 2000 and is based in London.

Prior to joining Apax, Steven was a consultant with McKinsey & Company for two years where he was involved in a number of projects, including the post-merger management of the R&D departments of two pharmaceutical companies.

Steven holds a BA in Biochemistry from Oxford University and a PhD in Developmental Biology from Cambridge University.


Steven serves as a director and board member to Rodenstock, Healthium MedTech, Candela and Vyaire Medical. He previously served on the boards of Unilabs, Acelity and Neuraxpharm.

Living our values

“Arriving at Apax as a scientist and imagining a future devoted to biotech investing, I faced a career crossroads early on when Apax pivoted from venture capital to private equity. I faced a steep learning curve and had a short window in which to prove myself to the organisation. Having successfully embraced healthcare buy-outs and personally finding them highly fulfilling, my watchwords are “learn, adapt and grow.””

Contact information

+44 20 7872 6300





Steven's Story

Steven joined Apax at the turn of the Millennium, drawn by the Firm’s sector specialisation, which enabled him to pursue his passion for healthcare and the opportunity to work with the most talented management teams. He continues to be inspired by the opportunity to back companies bringing life-changing products and services to patients, whilst creating value for all stakeholders.