Thore Iles



Thore is an Analyst in the Digital team. He joined Apax in 2023 and is currently based in London.

Prior to joining Apax, Thore worked as an Investment Team Intern at General Atlantic and Picus Capital. He also has experience working in consulting at the Boston Consulting Group and helped launch Gorillas’ first international market.

Thore holds Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Mannheim.

Living our values

"My mother has always been my greatest inspiration. She worked tirelessly to create a better life, all while raising a son and taking care of her family. Her journey exemplifies the principle of 'having impact through insight and tenacity,' which deeply resonates with me. Her lessons guide me in my personal and professional life, empowering me to make meaningful contributions and overcome obstacles."



Thore's Story

Thore was drawn to Apax for its unique blend of ambition to invest in cutting-edge technology companies and collaborative culture. Eager to understand new technological trends, he is inspired by the challenge of partnering with the best businesses to drive innovation. As a first-generation academic, he has gained a broad understanding of various societal aspects, which helps him in connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds challenging the status quo.