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Thomas Crewe

Vice President


Thomas Crewe is a Vice President in the Services team. He joined Apax Partners in 2015 and is currently based in London. He has been involved in key deals including Neuraxpharm, Unilabs and SafetyKleen.

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Thomas worked at Boston Consulting Group in London. He advised clients in various industries, in geographies spanning Europe, North America, Asia and Southern Africa.

Thomas holds an MA from the University of Oxford in Economics and Management, and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Living our values

“My family have been my inspiration and support. My parents’ marriage has always shown me the power of working together, and how dedicating yourself to others ultimately creates the greatest happiness and success. At Apax, I have succeeded thanks to the help and energy of my colleagues. I am motivated to continue this spirit, ensuring we remain a collaborative, thoughtful and fun place to work.  “We succeed as one global team” is at the heart of ensuring this legacy.”

Contact information

+44 20 7872 6300





Thomas' Story

Thomas loves working at Apax because every working day is full of both intellectual rigour and laughter. The opportunity to learn never ends. Having colleagues who can jump from discussing a business’s key economic drivers to their kids’ latest adventures makes every day engaging and enjoyable. After two years at business school, coming back to Apax felt like coming home. Outside of work, Thomas is a sports fanatic, passionately supporting England in anything and everything.