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Or Berlinsky

Senior Associate


Or Berlinsky is a Senior Associate. He joined Apax in 2021 and is currently based in Tel Aviv.

Prior to joining Apax, Or was a Private Equity and Venture Capital investor at Discount Capital, the investment arm of Discount Group, one of Israel’s largest financial groups, where he worked on a variety of transactions in the Israeli market. He also worked as a consultant at PwC’s Tel Aviv office, where he advised clients on valuations and strategy.

Or holds a BA in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University.

Living our values

"I believe the most important skill in one’s skill set is the ability to “learn, adapt and grow”. Both in life and in business, the ability to learn and grow is far more important than just preforming well and over time this is how you create returns, personally and professionally. Constant improvement is the key to success and aspiring to better ourselves is how you do it."


Tel Aviv

Or's Story

Or was attracted to the firm after working at a L.P. and seeing the value created by the extremely talented diversified global team. He enjoys the opportunity of working with top class colleagues and management teams in highly entrepreneurial challenging environment.