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Kayla Waterman

Analyst, Investor Relations


Kayla Waterman is an Analyst in the Investor Relations team. She joined Apax in 2023 and is currently based in New York.

Prior to joining Apax, Kayla was a Manager at AlphaSights, where she supported Venture Capital and Growth Equity investors through their due diligence process.

Kayla holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Digital Studies with High Honors from the University of Michigan. She also received a Sales Certification from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Living our values

When I was first called "humble tinkerer," it sparked a mix of curiosity and self-reflection. Research led me to Wilson Greatbatch, whose ingenuity revolutionized medical technology with the invention of the pacemaker. As I delved deeper, I grasped the essence of this label—it encapsulated the Apax value of learning, adapting, and growing. Like Greatbatch, I strive to embrace every challenge as an opportunity to innovate and evolve. In this pursuit, I embody the ethos of continuous improvement, echoing the sentiment that chance indeed favors the prepared mind.


New York

Kayla's Story

Kayla has always been attracted to in the dynamic realm of investor relations, where she intertwines her communication acumen with her dedication to nurturing authentic connections. Joining Apax Partners was a natural fit for Kayla, as it offered the opportunity to engage with a diverse investor base and highly collaborative team. At Apax, Kayla draws inspiration from the shared ambition and collective spirit of her colleagues, underscoring Apax's commitment to unparalleled achievement.