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Frank Ehmer



Frank Ehmer is a Partner in the Services team.  He is based in London and is focusing on global Financial and Business Services opportunities. Frank originally joined Apax Partners in 2000 in Munich and has been part of the Media Team previously.  He has been involved in a number of key deals including PIB Group, ADCO, GamaLife, Safetykleen, Guotai Junan Securities, Ascential (formerly Top Right Group), Azelis, Rhiag, Garda, Tommy Hilfiger, TIM Hellas, CME and Tropolys. 

Frank holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Diploma in business administration from the University of Mannheim.


Frank has served as board member to a number of Apax portfolio companies including PIB Group, ADCO, GamaLife, Safetykleen, Ascential, Azelis, Rhiag, Garda, Tommy Hilfiger, TIM Hellas, and CME.

Living our values

In the South of Germany, I enjoyed a wonderful upbringing on a farm, where I was helping my parents from a young age. There, I learned how uncertain harvests could be due to weather or pests etc. But I also saw how you could still change the outcome via hard work, finding new ways and adopting new techniques. “We learn, adapt and grow” is therefore most dear to me and I am proud that this is deeply ingrained in Apax’s culture.

Contact information

+44 20 7872 6300





Frank's Story

Frank is passionate about investing and helping organisations realise their full potential. Working as a team to achieve a great goal is what he finds extremely rewarding. For Frank, it’s all about this great collective feeling when a company goes from strength to strength, like for example at Tommy Hilfiger, Rhiag, Garda or Azelis. For over 20 years now Frank has found that Apax is a great place for this passion, given the culture of collaboration and the focus on transformative growth.