Erez Nahum



Erez Nahum is a Principal. He joined Apax Partners in 2018 and is currently based in Tel Aviv.

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Erez was an investment banker with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York where he specialised in advising Retail & Consumer companies on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising. Erez also worked as a corporate lawyer at Herzog Fox & Neeman, where he advised clients on cross-border M&A transactions and buyouts.

Erez holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, a BA in Economics and an LLB in Law from University of Haifa.

Erez led and participated in a number of key deals including S.R.Accord, Comax and Zoo Eretz Group.


Erez served on the board of Psagot, and currently serves on the boards of Ramet-Trom, Comax, Zoo Eretz Group and Max Stock.

Living our values

"Acquiring and selling businesses involves extensive negotiations. As part of this process, I sometimes find that the other side does not understand the meaning of certain provisions in the agreement. In these cases, I 'choose right over easy' and negotiate in a fair and transparent way, as I know our relationship and reputation are assets which we must keep for our long-term success."

Contact information

+972 3 777 4400


Tel Aviv

Erez's Story

At the age of 21, Erez was called on to salvage a business that was struggling with an unstable cash flow. A few years later, working as a lawyer, he represented the Apax Funds in their sale of Tnuva. Erez enjoyed these two experiences so much that he realised he preferred the finance and investing side of the corporate world to law.
After gaining his MBA and working in investment banking, he decided to join the Apax team, this time as an investment professional.