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Devora Har-Tuv

CFO, Apax Israel


Devora Har-Tuv is the CFO of Apax Israel and also serves as a board member to a number of Apax holdcos. She joined Apax Partners in 2007 and is based in the Tel Aviv office. 

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Devora was a senior auditor at Rosenblum Holtzman CPA accounting firm. 

Devora holds an MBA from Hebrew University, an MA in law from Bar Ilan University, a BA in Accounting and Economics from Bar Ilan University and is a chartered public accountant.

Living our values

"When I was a child, my parents took a huge step and moved us from America to Israel at a time when the standard of living in Israel was a far cry from what they were used to in the USA. Growing up, we all needed to adjust to a new language, surroundings and mentality. My parents' success in transitioning the family is truly inspiring, thus my connection to the value "we learn, adapt and grow", which has also been a strong component in my Apax career."

Contact information

+972 3 777 4400


Tel Aviv

Devora's Story

Very early in Devora's career she was told "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it". Ever since, being busy has been Devora's way of life both on a personal and professional level, balancing many activities and tasks at once until completion. When Devora joined Apax in 2007 she was attracted immediately by the brilliance, warmth and tempo of Israel's managing partner and she knew that Apax was the place for her.