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Andrew Waidhofer



Andrew Waidhofer is a Principal in the Services team. He joined Apax in 2014 and is currently based in London. He has been involved in key deals including Alcumus, Azelis, EcoOnline, GamaLife, Palex, PIB, Safetykleen and Toi Toi & Dixi

Prior to joining Apax, Andrew was a member of the Financial Sponsors Group at HSBC, where he advised private equity clients on a number of M&A, ECM and Leveraged Finance transactions.

Andrew holds a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Nottingham.


Andrew serves on the board of EcoOnline, GamaLife, Palex, PIB and Toi Toi & Dixi and previously served on the boards of Azelis and Safetykleen.

Living our values

“I am incredibly proud of my family background as a son of immigrants from Baghdad and Vienna. My parents’ ability to learn and adapt to starting over in a foreign country and growing to the family unit I have today is a huge inspiration. That’s why “learn adapt and grow” resonates so much with me – a reminder that often the path to success is rarely a straight line. I not only aspire to use this in my approach to investing, but a life value I also get to pass on as a parent now.”

Contact information

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Andrew's Story

Andrew was first drawn to Apax by the entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual curiosity he experienced of the Firm while working in investment banking. Andrew thrives on the open and collaborative nature of the firm. Every day provides a new opportunity to learn from a wide group of people including colleagues, management teams and industry advisors.  Andrew’s competitive nature ensures that when he’s not searching out new opportunities, he’s readily available to accept any sporting challenge you may throw his way!