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Xiaoqing Qin



Xiaoqing Qin is a Principal in the Asia investment team. She joined Apax in 2015 and is currently based in China. Her Apax portfolio experience includes Huayue Education, So-Young International Inc. and Guotai Junan Securities.

Prior to joining Apax, Xiaoqing was an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Xiaoqing holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Tsinghua University and a BA in Economics and Finance from Tsinghua University.

Living our values

"My mother has always told me: “Once you start on something, never give up. Or else you might as well not start in the first place.” I started playing the violin when I was four years old. Inspired by my mother, I was more persistent at playing the violin than most of my peers. This mentality instilled in my upbringing is why the value of “having impact through insight and tenacity” most resonates with me."

Contact information

+86 21 5198 5600



Xiaoqing's Story

Xiaoqing was drawn to Apax in 2015 by its global platform, sector focus as well as humble and collaborative culture. Xiaoqing enjoys learning and growing every day at Apax by analysing interesting investment opportunities, working actively with talented management teams and colleagues, thus creating value to businesses.