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Michael Edwards

Global Head of People


Michael is our Global Head of People. He joined Apax in 2023 and is based in London, though his responsibilities cover all Apax people and locations. 

Prior to joining Apax Michael was at McKinsey and Company, where he was the Director of People for UK, Ireland, and Israel. He was also leading McKinsey’s Global Client Service and Way We Work function. Prior to that Michael was a Partner in McKinsey’s Lifesciences practice, where he advised pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Michael holds a BA  (HONS) in Chemistry from University College London.

Living our values

"I heard a powerful statement a few years ago: 'our values are defined by the worst thing that we let happen.' It stopped me in my tracks at the time and has led me to reflect on the times when I could have spoken up more or called something out. An organisation is only as good as how we treat each other every day. And sometimes that means we have to do hard things to hold the line on our values. That’s why choosing right over easy is the Apax value that resonates most strongly with me."



Michael's Story

Michael has always put people leadership at the heart of how he works. As a consultant he was known for developing trusting relationships with clients, and building the confidence and capabilities of his teams. His interest and natural instincts for people have ended up being the focus of his career. He is fascinated by the particular challenges of helping high functioning, high achievers, perform at their best.