Doug Gray

Vice President, Investor Relations


Doug Gray is a Vice President in the Investor Relations team. He joined Apax in 2020 and is currently based in London.

Prior to joining Apax, Doug trained at KPMG where he was an associate in the Corporate Finance team.

Doug holds an ACA qualification from the ICAEW and an Masters in Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

Living our values

"'Learn, adapt and grow’ has always resonated with me as a company value. I’ve always been a curious and inquisitive person and enjoy learning about anything. Whether it’s one of the many new things in the workplace that keeps me fulfilled and interested, or random facts learnt at the pub. Who knew a crocodile couldn’t stick its tongue out!"

Contact information

+44 20 7872 6300



Doug's Story

Doug was attracted to Apax by the people he met, and now works with. Collaboration is clearly at the heart of the culture at Apax, and Doug could sense that from the get go.