Bettina Lu

Vice President


Bettina Lu is a Vice President of Apax Digital. She joined Apax in 2020 and is currently based in New York. 

Prior to joining Apax Digital, Bettina was an Analyst at Spectrum Equity.

Bettina holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Living our values

The seed for the 10,000-hour rule to reach greatness was a 1993 study of violinists and pianists which found that accumulated practice time rose with musical mastery. It was on the basis of this rule that my violin teacher asked me to clock 10,000 hours of practice before the age of 20. Through living out this motivational idiom, I’ve learned that there are no magical shortcuts or simple formulas – there is only tenacity and the insight you develop through practice. I carry this perspective with me in every endeavor, as I strive to have an indelible impact on my practice area and the world around me.


New York

Bettina's Story

Bettina joined growth equity at the start of her career after her ‘Finance of Innovation’ class sparked an interest in providing guidance, capital and resources to support companies on an exciting growth trajectory. In her role, she has been an active partner to companies who have established product-market fit and are seeking to pull levers to further accelerate growth. She chose to join Apax Digital for the fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture and the incredible partnerships between ADF and portfolio companies.