Ajay Menon



Ajay Menon is an Associate of Apax Digital. He joined Apax in 2021 and is currently based in New York.

Ajay graduated Duke University, magna cum laude, with a BS in Economics.

Living our values

"At the same age as I am now, my parents moved from India to America without anything except their inherent desire to relentlessly pursue the new opportunity that America represented. They cold-called graduate schools without knowing about college applications, attended school at night after their full-time jobs, and ultimately gave me an amazing upbringing after constantly adapting and eventually conquering each challenge life gave them. Learning from their experiences, I most identify with Apax’s value of “we learn, adapt, and grow.”


New York

Ajay's Story

After graduating college, Ajay sought to pursue a career that would allow him to constantly interact with inspiring people and afford him the entrepreneurial freedom to explore various facets of the business and technology ecosystems. Fortunately, he now gets to do that at Apax Digital by speaking to incredible founders every day and evaluating technology businesses operating across several verticals. Ajay joined Apax in 2021, attracted to the firm’s emphasis on integrity and desire to empower companies that envision a better future for us all.