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Agostino Trapani

Senior Associate


Agostino is a Senior Associate of Apax Digital. He joined Apax in 2019 and is currently based in London. His Apax deal experience includes Pricefx and Tide.

Prior to joining Apax, Agostino worked on a start-up he co-founded in the travel-tech space. He was also part of the founding team of a small early stage venture fund. 

Agostino holds a Masters Degree from London Business School, and a BSc in Management from Cass Business School.

Living our values

“Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar speech resonated deeply with me. He calls his future self his hero, I passionately believe that we should be perpetually chasing a utopian version of ourselves, learning, adapting and constantly growing along the way. A goal you can reach is simply not thinking big enough. Push the boundaries of what you think you can achieve, and when you get there, do so again. Ultimately, ‘to await a pleasure, is itself a pleasure’”.



Agostino's Story

Agostino joined Apax in 2019, attracted by the unique combination of a globally renowned and respected platform, coupled with the agility and integrity to empower the individual irrespective of seniority. Inspired by the tenacity of his older sister, who ignored social expectations and constructs to pursue her own aspirations, Agostino is motivated to build his own version of success by relentlessly seeking to back companies that will play a role in shaping a future we all will cherish.