Our investors are our clients and the relationship with our investors is at the heart of our business and indeed drives our business.


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Advising the Apax Funds to which our investors have committed, understanding what investors are looking for from their investment and working with them to provide enhanced returns drives the Apax Partners’ strategy and that of the Investor Relations team

The Investor Relations ('IR') team places significant emphasis on two key areas: relationship development and investor communication. The primary principle applied across both areas is to be transparent, by providing detailed and frequent information through formal and informal communication channels. 

Relationship development

The IR team manages a thorough relationship development programme ensuring our investors receive relevant updates and information on opportunities to invest in Apax Funds, as well as providing access to senior investment professionals across the firm. 

Investor communications

The IR team advises Apax Funds on communications with our investors. This includes quarterly reports and activity updates on significant events such as new investments or exits of existing portfolio companies. Formal reporting is sent directly to investors and there is also a secure Extranet providing online access to financial, legal and reporting information for investors. 

In addition to the above, the funds administration team provides quarterly capital statements to investors and audited financial statements for the Apax Fund Partnerships and can assist in answering more technical and accounting queries from investors. A specialist tax team is also available to assist in the provision of tax reporting information. 

The IR team’s overriding objective is to develop long-serving relationships with our investors and the team seeks to understand through these relationships what investors are looking for, how best Apax can deliver this, and makes ongoing proposals to investors as appropriate.