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TOI TOI & DIXI - Tackling sustainability through innovation

The Apax Funds acquired TOI TOI & DIXI (previously the ADCO Group), the European leader in route-based sanitation services for portable toilets and sanitary equipment, in 2019.

The company covers the entire value chain from production, rental, cleaning, and waste-disposal, servicing everything from public events and construction sites to parks and swimming venues.

Given the nature of TOI TOI & DIXI’s business model – offering products and services on a rental basis, the need for a fleet of vehicles, the use of chemicals and water, etc. – TOI TOI & DIXI is acutely aware that quality, conserving resources, and environmentally friendly processes across the entire service chain are integral to both the firm’s success, and to protecting the environment more generally.

To achieve this, TOI TOI & DIXI is dedicated to intensive R&D investment and maintaining its own in-house production capabilities. Frank Ehmer, Partner at Apax, spoke with Holger Wirtz, CTO of TOI TOI & DIXI, about the company’s environmental efforts and its approach to innovation.

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