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Lutech - The importance of an inclusive working environment

The Apax Funds acquired Lutech, a leading IT services, software and technology company in Italy, in 2021.
Founded in 2001, Lutech designs and enables digital transformation and innovative enterprise technologies for private and public sector clients.

Lutech’s leadership team has long been committed to building a healthy and productive work environment and a common identity in which all employees can recognise themselves regardless of their workplace or specific role. As part of its values, Lutech emphasises a strong focus on the needs and growth paths of its people, both employees and collaborators, and has recently launched important initiatives to reinforce this.

Gabriele Cipparrone a Partner at Apax spoke to Tullio Pirovano, CEO of Lutech about Lutech’s commitment to creating an inclusive working environment that encourages growth and progress for all employees.

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