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Infogain - The commercial importance of carbon reporting

The Apax Funds acquired Infogain, a leader in digital transformation and software services, in June 2021.

With a team of over 5,000 globally, Infogain provides human-centred digital platform engineering services to companies including Fortune 500 customers, supporting them in their artificial intelligence, experience design and cloud journeys.

Despite being an asset-light business, sustainability has always been an area of focus for Infogain, with dedicated teams across environment, social, governance and inclusion. It is also an example of a business where sustainability is not only an internal goal but also a commercial imperative. In 2020, one of its largest customers required Infogain to report Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3 emissions in detail, in line with the customer’s own target to be carbon negative. Not calculating and reporting GHG emissions will have significant commercial consequences for Infogain – a trend we are seeing accelerate more broadly.

Infogain has stepped up its sustainability operations to not only meet this request, but to go above and beyond in terms of setting and achieving its own carbon targets. Rohan Haldea, Partner at Apax spoke with Ayan Mukerji, CEO of Infogain, about the increasingly commercial aspect of prioritising sustainability, how this has catalysed positive change, and what the future of sustainability looks like at Infogain.

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