Company: Epicor

Sector:  Enterprise Tech

Sub-sector:  Vertical Software

Country:  USA

Business focus: 

Leading provider of mid-market ERP software

Epicor Software Corporation has developed a new approach to the design, build and utlisation of Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") systems with a focus on maximising productivity across organisations.

Epicor Software Corporation currently provide solutions to over 33,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

* Represents an investment which Marcelo Gigliani, Andrew Sillitoe, Salim Nathoo, or Jason Wright completed as Principal or Partner irrespective of sector, from the start of the investment. Other investment professionals who may no longer be employed by Apax or who are not part of the Apax Digital team may also have been involved in the sourcing, execution and management of the investment.

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