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Retail & Consumer Conference 2011: Global Opportunities in Fashion Retail

The Apax Partners Fashion Retail CEO Conference took place in London in April 2011, bringing together 56 CEOs and industry experts from around the world to talk about the most burning topics of the fashion retail industry.

Healthcare Conference 2011: New Horizons in Global Healthcare

Navigating to success in healthcare is as challenging as it has ever been. One thing is certain: success today will require a broader perspective and new thinking regarding business models. The Apax Partners Global Healthcare Conference was established five years ago for this purpose. Our intention from the start was to establish an open forum for spirited discussion and knowledge sharing; a truly global networking session for friends of the firm, both old and new. Read more below.

Healthcare Conference 2010: Opportunities Post Global Healthcare

The Apax Partners Global Healthcare Conference, which took place in New York in October 2010, came at a momentous time for professionals across the healthcare spectrum. All around the world, those in the industry are grappling with the conundrum of how to provide for ageing populations and increasingly complicated healthcare demands in an age of budget cuts and deficit reduction. Read more below.

Portfolio Support Group - KnowledgeNow Conference

Organised by the Portfolio Support Group, operating specialists at Apax Partners, the KnowledgeNow conference is a forum for sharing experiences and discussing the common challenges and opportunities Apax's portfolio businesses face. Read more in the thought piece below.