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James Fadule



James Fadule is an Analyst of Apax Digital. He joined Apax in 2020 and is currently based in New York. 

James holds a a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Brown University. 

Living our values

"My eldest brother, Matthew, has been an inspiration for me throughout my whole life. Matthew is currently 27 years old but functions at more of a 3-year-old’s level, with severe mental disabilities and a seizure disorder.

Watching him, especially during Working From Home (WFH), pour everything he has, mentally and physically, into his daily programs and activities motivates me every day. If Matthew can bring joy and energy to everyone around him, I owe the same effort in my daily life. As an employee, son, friend, and other, I strive to match Matthew’s effort and positive impact in the world, leveraging the talents and capabilities I’ve been blessed with. That is why my favourite Apax value is that “we have impact through insight and tenacity”.


New York

James' Story

James was attracted to working at Apax because of the reputation of the firm: down-to-earth and hard-working. Sports have been instrumental in James’s life since the day he was born, and as a result he’s learned the value of humility and hard work. Early in his senior year of high school football, he suffered a season-ending ankle fracture requiring surgery. James’s dreams of playing D1 college football were in question, but an openness to switching positions away from the aspired QB role combined with endless hours of rehab landed James an opportunity at Brown, which, he believes, positioned him to be at a firm like Apax, where these qualities live on. Whether identifying investment opportunities, interacting with management teams, or working together on diligence, Apax employees don’t pretend to be above anyone else, and, at the same time, have no limit to their potential thanks to dedication and hard work.