Daniel Sha



Daniel Sha is an Associate of Apax Digital.  He joined Apax Partners in 2019 and is currently based in New York. He has been involved in key deals including ClassPass and Prove. 

Prior to joining Apax Partners, Dan was a member of Morgan Stanley's Technology Investment Banking team in Menlo Park and New York City, where he worked on M&A and financing transactions.

Dan holds bachelor’s degrees in finance and systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program. 

Living our values

“I am the second of five boys in my family. Growing up with two immigrant parents who worked constantly to make ends meet, we had no choice but to “learn, adapt, and grow” together and be resourceful in response to unfamiliar challenges. I’m thankful for them and the obstacles we overcame together.”

Contact information

+1 212 753 6300


New York

Daniel's Story

Dan joined the Digital team at Apax to embrace its entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork-oriented culture, and focus on rigorous diligence. His background in engineering and business provides him with an appreciation for the perspective of the visionary founders and teams with whom Apax develops relationships.