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Amin Amirian

Global Head of Human Resources


Amin Amirian is the Global Head of Human Resources and is based in London. He joined Apax in 2015 and is responsible for Human Resources across the firm. He started his career at Apax as an HR Manager and was promoted through various roles within HR to become the Global Head of HR.

Prior to joining Apax, Amin worked at Deutsche Bank where he held various roles in the HR Department. Before that, he started his career on the HR Graduate Programme at Barclays Capital.

Amin holds an MSc and BSc in Business Studies and Communication from Roskilde University in Denmark.

Living our values

“My parents came to Denmark from Iran as refugees with nothing but the clothes on their backs and me and my sister in their arms. They will always be my biggest inspiration, as they built a new life in a foreign country with a culture and language that was unknown to them. We 'Learn, Adapt and Grow' resonates so well, as my parents encouraged us to educate and develop ourselves into the people we are today, something I hope to pass onto my children.” 



Amin's Story

Amin was born in Iran, raised in Denmark and has studied in both Canada and the United States. He moved to London after meeting his British wife in New York whilst travelling. Amin loves the global and energetic work environment at Apax. The dynamic and collaborative culture is what makes him come to work every day with a smile. Apax’s greatest asset are the people and Amin works actively to make the firm a place where everyone can be the best versions of themselves.