TriZetto Launches 5.0 Enterprise Solution for Healthcare Organizations

TriZetto Launches 5.0 Enterprise Solution for Healthcare Organizations

23 February 2012

The TriZetto Group, Inc., today announced new enhancements to the benefits administration, care management and network management capabilities of its enterprise solution platform. The upgraded platform will help healthcare organizations improve administrative efficiency; achieve compliance; enhance the cost, quality and delivery of care; and compete to win in an emerging retail environment. These enhancements are the first in the 5.X series of transformational releases that will be introduced throughout 2012.

"Our 5.0 release for core administration, care and network management is an important milestone on our way to a consolidated suite that will help our clients optimize their investment in TriZetto technology,"  explained Pierre Samec, TriZetto's executive vice president and chief technology officer. "The solutions take advanced, enterprise-wide functionality, scalability and quality to the next level."

"We built TriZetto's 5.0 enterprise platform to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the trifecta of reform, regulation and retail," said Dave Pinkert, senior vice president of product management at TriZetto. "Reform requires a heightened focus by healthcare organizations on improved cost and quality of care delivery and even greater operational efficiency. New regulatory requirements such as ICD-10 and Medicare and Medicaid changes demand flexibility in payers' technology and processes. And the growing retail market, driven by an emerging consumer perspective in benefits and care delivery, presents payers with new distribution channels such as state and private exchanges. TriZetto's end-to-end 5.0 platform will further enable healthcare organizations to succeed in the changing healthcare industry."

TriZetto's ongoing investment throughout the series of 5.X releases will continue to support healthcare organizations in their ICD-10 migration efforts and adoption of new value-based benefit and reimbursement models. It also will further improve payer and provider connectivity and collaboration.

Enhancements to TriZetto's FacetsTM enterprise core administration system include new capabilities in the user interface that streamline the user experience and increase efficiency, improvements that support new payment and care delivery models such as patient-centered medical homes and payment bundling, and improved functionality for vision lines of business. New functionality for the company's QNXTTM administration platform includes enhanced integration with TriZetto's portal and care solutions, as well as enhanced integration capabilities with third-party solutions.

The 5.0 release of TriZetto's care-management solution, CareAdvance Enterprise®, includes  advanced functionality that streamlines utilization, disease and case management processes;  expanded analytic capabilities; improved care work flow; and integrations with third-party systems to lower total cost of ownership. Additional capabilities in TriZetto's network management applications, NetworX Suite®, support pricing for new ICD-10 codes and further efficiencies in hospital contract administration.

TriZetto's Facets system is used by health plans covering 125 million member lives, about one-half of the nation's insured population. In use at more than 60 payer organizations, its QNXT application touches 18 million lives, while the company's CareAdvance Enterprise platform supports 35 million lives. TriZetto's NetworX Suite of solutions reaches 126 million Americans.

About TriZetto

TriZetto provides world-class healthcare IT software and service solutions that drive administrative efficiency, improve the cost and quality of care, and increase payer and provider collaboration and connectivity. TriZetto solutions, many of which are patented or patent-pending, touch half the U.S. insured population and reach more than 21,000 physician practices. TriZetto's payer offerings include enterprise and component software, application management services, business management services and consulting services. Provider offerings, delivered through TriZetto's Gateway EDI wholly owned subsidiary, include tools and services that monitor, catch and fix claims issues before they can impact a practice. TriZetto's integrated payer-provider platform will enable deployment of promising new models of post-reform healthcare.

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